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Lotus Shield - Silver

Lotus Shield - Silver
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Model: Personal Protection S

EMF, Wi-Fi, Geopathic Stress Personal Protection

We are all living in an environment bombarded with Electromagnetic Pollution. Over-exposure to these foreign frequencies disrupts the natural function of cells, causing the immune system to suffer from biological damage.

With this breakthrough technology, we are no longer in danger!!

After many years of research and experiments, Eradicator developed the Lotus Shield. It is symbolic in design and unique in function.
Wearing the Lotus Shield has many short and long-term positive effects on the body. They are made with a specific Zinc and Copper formula which produces high energy positive photons. It generates a therapeutic energy field that raises the energy level of each and every cell to its optimum level. It provides you with EMF Protection, and acts as a Radiation Shield.

It brings the original state of vibration level to your body, and assists the body to resonate at optimum levels, creating a healthy and rich environment for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. It increases the aptitude of the cell’s frequency, enhances immune function and allows your body to heal itself. Wearing the Lotus Shield will keep you at the Earth’s natural vibration. (Schumann Resonance, 7.385 Hertz). It continuously helps to improve energy imbalances and enhances the healing process. The Lotus Shields benefit everyone!

The Lotus Shields have been tested, used and recommended by homeopathic and holistic practitioners world wide since 1997.

The Benefits from wearing the Lotus Shield:
01. Eradicate EMF Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress
02. Experience better quality sleep, maximizing nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification.
03. Strengthen the healthy cells so they can resist imbalances.
04. Optimize cellular energy levels.
05. Improve immune function instantly.
06. Enhance health and well-being.
07. Feel less stress, and more positive energy.
08. Feel relaxed, and grounded.
09. Feel alert and fully re-charged.
10. Enhance your performance naturally

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